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Estate Planning is a process of drafting documents which help business and medical decisions transpire smoothly upon a person’s disability, incompetence or death. Documents commonly discussed include Medical Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney, Directive to Physician (Living Will), Will and where appropriate, a Community Property Agreement. We work with you to navigate the challenges of planning for incapacity or death.

Wills & Revocable Living Trusts:  A Will is a written document that states the wishes as to how assets are to be disposed upon death. A Living Trust is a planning method that offers benefits for all individuals, especially those who are older or who have substantial assets.

Power of Attorney: A Power of Attorney is a document that gives another person authority to act on your behalf with regard to financial, medical, and personal business matters.

Advance Healthcare Directive:  An Advance Healthcare Directive (i.e. Living Will) enables you to do two things: First, it allows you to choose someone who will have authority to make healthcare decisions for you in case you are incapacitated. Second, it allows you to explain how you want certain medical care or procedures to be handled.

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